Legacy the Movie Sucks

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We saw Legacy last night for a joint activity.

What a boring movie.

Just as Lord of the Rings used swordfights and special effects to make up for the bad acting, Legacy used epic music to make up for bad acting.

I didn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t like it the first time I watched it, and now as a drama major, I certainly didn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t like it last night.


3 thoughts on “Legacy the Movie Sucks

  1. I saw it on the big screen and also saw it on video. Not that it makes a difference, the movie sucks no matter how large you view it.

    Napoleon Dynamite was funny.

  2. Are you tripping? Legacy is a great movie. Did you rent it? I wonder if that’s the problem because I saw it in a quiet un-distracted theatre.

    Anyway think about it. It’s not starring Morgan Freeman so the acting is not going to be the Highpoint. The story is. Seriously. What did you think of Napoleon Dynamite??

  3. LOL, I hate, hate, HATE that movie! Have you ever noticed that Joseph Smith doesn’t blink? I swear, if I were a non-member watching Legacy, I’d take it as proof that Mormonism is a cult! He’s trying to hypnotize and brainwash people with those creepy non-blinking eyes!

    “Do you have the faith to be healed, Eliza? Hmmmmmmm?” (Insert horror movie music here!)

    It did have two good things about it, I guess: The magic quilt that makes her taller and get boobs when she shakes it (I’d pay serious money for a quilt like that) and the hilarious catch phrase, “Wherever I am is Zion to you!”

    LMAO. What a terrible film.

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