Sweaty Garments

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Since I am going to be riding to work every day starting in two weeks, I decided to exchange my swim schedule for a stationary bike workout this morning. I will be gone to Vancouver all next week, so I am going to try fitting in a bike workout each day this week. I am also pushing myself hard to make sure my legs are in somewhat good enough shape for the commute.

Anyhow, while I was getting ready for the shower and taking off my sweaty garments, I was reminded of something. Some people say that garments are too sacred to wear while doing a sweaty workout. Others say that they are too sacred to leave them off for the hour you are working out.

What does everyone else think?

8 thoughts on “Sweaty Garments

  1. Yes they are sacred, and you made a covenant about… Yes they are sacred, and you made a covenant about how you are supposed to treat them and wear them. The people who say sweating in them is wrong are just plain wrong. And it comes from a false rumor started in the church and also Steve Young (ex-pro football). If the sweating thing were true I guess all the const. workers and coal miners, and road workers and any other hard working persons would have to take them off… And part of the blessings of the garments is protection both spiritual and physical. So I guess people that do hard work every day would want protection also would’nt they?

    So it’s just silly.

    My advise is this, we should be looking for reasons to keep them on, not excuses to take them off.

  2. I believe it was our current Prophet that said you should leave the garment on for ANY activity that you can reasonably do with them on. Other than sex and swimming I can’t think of any other “activities” I would take my garments off for.


  3. Hmm, I am well endowed and I never workout without a bra on because they would just be everywhere. Personally I like wearing a sports bra so that I don’t ruin my daily garments. Nice post by the way.

  4. I wear my garments for working out and just shower and change when I get home, into a new pair.

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