New Calling: Ward Clerk

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After two years as a counsellor in the young men presidency (and as acting young men president in our ward), I received a new calling today.

I was called as the ward clerk. The previous ward clerk lost his job and relocated to another job in a different city. He actually moved in June and the high councilman contacted and called me on Thursday. A bit long, but apparently the stake presidency and high council meet infrequently in the summer months.

Technically, I am still serving in my previous calling, as I was not released. The bishopric has a person ready to call, but were waiting to hear back from the stake regarding my call. Apparently, they didn’t have enough time to contact this individual before today to call him. As a result, I have not been released.

I hope the release will take place next Sunday, as there is a four-day Scout camp coming up next week and I would rather not having my arthritis aggravated from it. If I do go, I’ll end up limping for 3-4 days after I get back because of the arthritis, and I may not be able to bike to work. I guess we’ll see.

For the interest of anyone who cares, here is a list of the callings I?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ve had since we’ve been married.

  • Elders quorum presidency, second counsellor (Surrey First Ward)
  • Elders quorum presidency, president (Surrey First Ward)
  • Ward mission leader (Lethbridge Ninth Ward)
  • Stake mission presidency, secretary (Lethbridge Alberta West Stake)
  • Young men presidency, second counsellor (combined Lethbridge First and Second Wards; also served as acting young men president in Lethbridge First Ward)
  • Assistant stake clerk (Lethbridge Alberta Stake)
  • Ward clerk (Lethbridge First Ward)

9 thoughts on “New Calling: Ward Clerk

  1. Congratulations on your new call.

    Let me give you a little advise from a former Ward Clerk now Membership / Part Time Finance Clerk.

    Never assume anything, and remember the Bishop is the last word. Your calling is not one of any power. Your are a servant of your brothers in the bishopric. And your assistant clerk, treat then with respect and kindness at all times. If they make a mistake, praise them for the good things they do, and love them as brothers in the priesthood. You need them more than you know now, to help you survive in your calling.

    Reread section 121 of the D&C every couple of months to remind yourself of where you stand to the lord, in your calling. A Primary worker calling is just important as yours.

    Good luck, and here is another piece of info. Once you’re called as a clerk…you have that calling for life. The brother I replaced had his calling from the age of 16. He was 86 when he was finally released.

    So get ready for the long haul..


    Eric Werny
    Membership Clerk
    St. George, Utah

  2. Actually, I was ward clerk for 8 months. I was called as EQP less than a year after being called as clerk. We’ve had two other clerks in the 2.5 years since I was released as clerk.

  3. Already been YM pres. I doubt I’ll become bishop while living in southern Alberta. It will be interesting to see what my next calling will be though.

  4. “I doubt I’ll become bishop while living in southern Alberta.”

    Wrong last name, Kim? ;)

  5. Ok, everyone will laugh, But Sunday I am being set apart as the Ward Clerk again. The never ending calling, suggested release date the year 6082

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