Age of the Bloggernacle

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Last spring, the bloggernaccle took off. Traffic skyrocketed at T&S, A Soft Answer posted new Mormon themed blogs every day. T&S even had some break-offs.

What I want to know however is how old is the Bloggernacle? When did the first Mormon-themed blog start? I know T&S started in November 2003. Our Thoughts started in July 2003 (although you can’t tell that any longer). KZION started in June 2003.

Were there any naccers before then? Anyone from May or April 2003? Anyone from 2002?

12 thoughts on “Age of the Bloggernacle

  1. That’s an excellent question.

    I am not sure my blog would merit being a Bloggernacle pioneer but I first dabbled at Blogspot in 2002 and later started the official A Soft Answer in March of 2003 on my .mac page. That page came down when I didn’t renew my .mac subscription and I have yet to import those posts into Movable Type.

    Glad to see “Our Thoughts” is continuing.

  2. From what I can tell, The Metaphysical Elders began in late November 2002.

    If you look at their archives, they were very much a pioneer of the Bloggernacle in terms of content, tone, etc.

    The members of the blog were anonymous, but I’m pretty sure that at least two of them are current active bloggers in the Bloggernacle. And there may be more as well.

  3. Oooo…Mark Hansen got edged out. Very cool, Nate. Thanks for the info. I wonder how long you’ll stay in that spot though.

    Anyone have August 2002?

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