Birth Control

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In the Church Handbook of Instructions, it states that elective sterilisation surgery is strongly discouraged. Given the Church’s stand on families and the importance of having children, I can understand the reasoning behind this statement.

Also in the Church Handbook of Instructions, it is stated that the number of children a couple decides to have is between the couple and the Lord.

I find this to be somewhat odd. Why would the Church say it is up to the couple to decide how many children to have, yet say that it is not just up to the couple how to limit that number?

5 thoughts on “Birth Control

  1. I think that the Church is against making (biological) choices that are hard to change. If I remember right, the Handbook states that sex is not soley for procreation. While I am a huge fan of contraception, I don’t think that I would go for steralization…yet. Maybe in 10 or 15 years.

  2. I would second J. Sterilization is probably seen as too drastic and permanent. What if, for whatever reason you change your mind? After all, didn’t that Seinfeld episode teach us how risky this can be? :-)

  3. Another intersting question is how many of the saints realize the general handbook strongly discourages procedures like vasectomies? It has become very common outside the church and I know of several LDS men who have followed suit without ever hearing it might be inappropriate.

  4. Geoff raises a good point. There are a bunch of instructions in the General Handbook but this book is not generally available to members of the church. What is the point of having apolicy on something and putting it in a book that only a handful of members ever have the chance to read?

  5. maybe the writers of the handbook are assuming that all couples are in direct communication with their Bishops about ALL serious aspects of their lives. As a previous Catholic I know when the Pill came out in the 60’s the women, my mother included, lined up to see the Priest to get permission to use it. Maybe the General Authorities are assuming, as faithful Latter Day Saints, we do the same thing.

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