The Ideal Calling

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My ideal calling is that of ward clerk.

What?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s your ideal calling?

24 thoughts on “The Ideal Calling

  1. Executive Secretary: Go to all the Bishopric meetings, give my opinion and have zero responsability. Perhaps that second thing is why my stints in that calling are always so short ;)

  2. That’s why I like ward clerk. I think ward clerk is better than executive secretary because you don’t have to make phone calls and because you have two assistants to delegate tasks to.

  3. Primary President but if I can’t have that then my ideal one would be that of a Primary teacher.. wooohooo!! the most PERFECT calling in my eyes!!

  4. Easy. Gospel Doctrine teacher. I had this for the last year until they snatched me away to teach seminary. I like it, but it’s not fun to get up so early.

  5. Gospel doctrine teacher. It’s the closest thing we have to a preacher in the church but you don’t have to do all that hard bishop stuff on top of it.

  6. Rusty — My experience matches yours. I was Gospel Doctrine teacher for a few yers then got assigned as a seminary teacher for a couple of years. I liked having more time to dig in to the scriptures with seminary but that early morning thing about killed me.

  7. I have to agree with you on this one- Ward Clerk!

    I have served as a Ward, Membership and Financial Clerk. Life is much easier when you can delegate. I just hated attending all of the meetings and serving as a glorified scribe.

    Of course, I relish the thought of being Joe Member- no calling! Not going to happen. But, hey! I can dream. Right?

  8. I’m living the Ward Clerk dream right now, and it’s probably my second choice.

    First has gotta be Gospel Doctrine teacher.

    (Ain’t in great to have a readership which so strongly sees themselves as know-it-alls?)

  9. I’ve subbed as gospel doctrine teacher, and it wasn’t my bag. I have also taught elders quorum, gospel essentials, deacons quorum and Primary. I’d rather stand at the pulpit and preach than ask questions and try to encourage participation.

    I especially like not having to prepare a lesson each week.

  10. EQ instructor for the same reasons that Jenna gives for RS teacher.

    I managed to have this calling for 8 years in 3 different wards, but I guess the Lord decided it was time for me to quick slacking because I’ve finally been given a new calling.

  11. Sunbeams teacher! But mostly because I basically ditched the manual and instead “adapted” the lesson into occassionally emphasizing (holding a teddy bear) that “God and Jesus made bears” and (watching a dinosaur roar at a doll) that “Jesus wants us to be friends” depending on the theme of the lesson. And because there were only 2 sunbeams at the time.

  12. Gee Kim if you were teaching Gospel Doctrine in our SS you would never have to worry about trying to get members to participate!!! They usually have to encourage me to STOP participating! lol

  13. I would have to say my ideal calling was assistant Librarian. I was also printing the program on sundays. I always had people stopping by the library to talk to me and had no responsibilities. Now I am the Sunday School President. That is not too bad. except that mother’s Day is coming.(No plants or browniees this year)

  14. Teaching 16-17 year old Sunday School was my favorite. I also had an awful lot of fun as Primary music leader.

  15. You guys are all way off base. The ideal calling is Cub Master. For less than one hour a month you get to have fun with 8, 9 and 10 year old boys and the families. The rest of the month is free to do as you please. Your also considered active.

  16. Bill, your den leaders must be pulling their hair out in frustration, if that’s your idea of doing a good job as cubmaster.

  17. One hour a month Bill?? what planet do you live on? Our cub meetings are 1 1/2 hours long every week.. that is just the den pack meeting itself never mind the preparation it takes to get the meeting planned.

    I was looking up something else and came back to this thread and realized just over a year ago I had posted that I thought the ideal calling would be Primary President. I guess I spoke too soon. 4 months later I was called as PP… lol too funny.. I had forgotten I had said that.

  18. I’d pick primary teacher, although now that I’d need to have my wife with me, it would probably be a little tricker to have her involved and not get bored.

    So, as a second pick, I’d take youth sunday school.

    (Secretly, deep down inside, I’d rather have no calling at all)

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