Killing One’s Child

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So, last night, this man takes his five-year-old daughter to the top of an overpass that crosses the busy 401 freeway in Toronto. Then he jumps off the overpass and takes his daughter with him, intent on killing them both.

Why? How could a father kill his five-year-old daughter? How could a parent ever kills his/her child? where does the unconditional love go that was there when the child was a baby? How does someone get to the point where something other than the life of his/her child is more important?

I cannot fathom this. I cannot fathom ever trying to kill my daughter.

This girl has not only lost her father but the last memory she will ever carry with her of him will be that he tried to kill her.

What a sad day.

3 thoughts on “Killing One’s Child

  1. Kim- the article says why this deranged man did such a horrible thing:

    This guy was a loaded missile. He was going to kill himself and he was going to take his daughter to punish his wife for whatever he thought she had done wrong in the relationship.He did it to “punish his wife.” Still very very sad. But there is at least an answer to your question about “why.”

  2. But why? Why did he want to punish his wife so much that he lost respect of his own daughter’s right to live? How did he get to that point? How can anyone?

  3. Kim, you’ve hit right on the head the feelings of the pro-life crowd. How can anyone get to the point that they could even consider killing their own offspring? (according to the National Geographic special “In the Womb” yesterday, “fetus” means offspring) Don’t mean to derail your thread, but to me they are one and the same question. How does anyone get so spiritually blind and dead that they do not understand the sacredness of life, particularly to losing their innate affection for their own offspring? The world is a desenstitizing place, and we have to be careful to hold to the rod.

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