March Mormon Moustache Madness

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Hear ye, hear ye. All men of the Bloggernacle within the sound of my voice lend me your ears.

I officially declare the month of March 2005 to be March Mormon Moustache Madness. All Mormon men are encouraged to grow their moustaches during the month of March 2005.

That’s right. All posters and commenters, lurkers and trolls; it’s time to don your dalies, elongate your englishes, force your fu manchus, heighten your handlebars, instigate your imperials, protrude your pencils and wiggle out your walruses.

What gives me the authority to declare March as March Mormon Moustache Madness? Well, it’s March, I’m Mormon, I have a moustache (well, slightly so) and I’m mad (well, slightly so).

So, during the month of March, grow out your moustaches and send me a photo. I will post the photos I receive here. There are free gMail invites to be had for the best moustaches?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùeverything from the bushiest to the scrawniest to the best handlebars.

In fact, I’ll give away two gMail invites to the moustache wearer(s) of who hold(s) the highest office in the LDS Church. If the highest one is a bishop, all bishop contestants will get a gMail invite. If the highest one is a stake president, all stake president contestants will get an invite.

Photos should be at least 300 pixels wide and must be sent to my email address (see my profile). Blogger doesn’t allow images to be posted in comments. Oh, and the moustache cannot accompany a beard. Moustaches only.

(I am sure to get excommunicated for this one.)

10 thoughts on “March Mormon Moustache Madness

  1. wooohooo I can finally answer you on here!! I was going to tell your Dad about your contest but after being at the Stake dance tonight where they had an elimination contest and one of the things was anyone wearing a white shirt had to go off the floor, your Dad pipes up (and you know the size of his pipes lol) he hollers ” GEE!!!! I told you that wearing white shirts to church can only lead to trouble!!” I figured nah better not get him going with the facial hair hehehhe.. also considering the fact that the Bishop when we turned around was right behind us.

  2. You may be excommunicated but not by the Church.
    In the late 70’s I grew a moustache. As our children came along they came to identify me with that hairy mouth piece.
    Then one day I decided I had had enough. It never amounted to anything spectacular. In fact the only other hair I could grow on my face was a goatee.(My dad said it was because we had some Indian blood from a few generations back)
    I shaved it off. You would think I had committed one of the 7 deadly sins. My children did not recognize me and they took over a week before they would accept that I was their father. As a young father that was an eternity.
    So my only caution is be very careful!

  3. EW!!!! to both armpiit hair and moustaches. We women are a little more MATURE and beyond this mode of thinking…March Mormon Moustache Madness….uh huh….

  4. Hey Mary I guess I have to change my comment about why boys get to go on missions… cause they need to catch up on the maturity of the women… I guess they should have stayed longer.. you think ?

  5. Don’t forget to have a month for unibrows. Honestly, I’m not sure we have a unibrow in the ‘Nacle, which is a shame.

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