The Iron Rod

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Have you ever noticed how a rod of iron does not completely work as an accurate analogy for the word of God? Sure, both the iron rod and the word of God lead to the tree of life. Nevertheless, since the iron rod is a straight line, technically, it also leads away from the tree of life. Certainly the word of God does not.

6 thoughts on “The Iron Rod

  1. I think the iron rod is one-way. Even if you tried to go the other way, you’d keep banging into people headed for the tree.
    But no, I guess it’s not a perfect analogy.

  2. I suppose in theory the word of god *could* lead someone away from the tree of life.

    For example, I’ll bet at some time in history someone has looked at the ten commandments and said “I’m going to try to break every one of these!”


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