Not Good For Belly or Body

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So I just realised something today while reading the Word of Wisdom. For the things from which we are to abstain, the Lord gives reasoning for why should abstain. However, he gives different reasons for each item.

He tells us strong drinks are not good for the belly, but we can use them to wash our bodies. He tells us that tobacco is not for the belly or the body, but can be used to treat bruises. He tells us that hot drinks are not for the belly or the body.

With the way the Word of Wisdom is taught and treated today, you’d think the Lord treated them all equally.

3 thoughts on “Not Good For Belly or Body

  1. funny how I come home from church yesterday and found your post on WoW. We sang a song in Sacrament yesterday on the WoW and I had never heard that hymn before. And it was obvious most had never either as you could hear wrong notes being sung all over the chapel. Then the speakers all spoke on it. But you could tell everyone had gotten their info off the net as it was all clear cut. No one ventured forth to give you any food for thought or make you question. It was just the same old same old… guess that is why Dad and I don’t get asked to give talks hehehehehe.

  2. 1. I’m not sure that when the Lord says “X is not for the body” and “Y is not for the belly” he is giving reasons. He may simply be saying, “Don’t use this on your body” or “Don’t put this in your belly.” If so, he’s just giving instructions, not reasons.

    2. What is unequal about these things? When the Lord says you shouldn’t do X for reason 1 and you shouldn’t do Y for reason 2, how does that make X and Y unequal? Just because they may have different justifications?

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