Nude Photo at University of Calgary

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Two editors of the University of Calgary student newspaper have been suspended without pay because of a photo they allowed to be published that included a nude woman. The woman had paraded through the U of C food court completely naked except for a chain mail bikini as part of the student union’s Union Sexual Health Awareness show.

The public outcry that erupted from the publishing ranged from the Students’ Union calling the photo in “poor taste,”…

There’s the pot calling the kettle black. It’s not like it was a posed photo shoot. The photo was taken of an actual event, and an event the student union had organised. If anyone should be accused of having poor taste, it should be the student union, not the reporters.

Additionally, the photographed exotic dancer, who goes by Honey Huston and happens to be a U of C student, has demanded that the Gauntlet be shut down.

That’s just ridiculous. She wants them shut down because they reported on a stunt that she did? They didn’t doctor the photos. It wasn’t like they photographed her having sex with her boyfriend and then published it on the Internet. The reported on a public event in a public forum as journalists. If she didn’t like her photo being published, why did she decide to walk nude through the food court?

7 thoughts on “Nude Photo at University of Calgary

  1. No! Don’t ask rational questions — that only means you’re part of the problem! (And probably a Communist, too!)

  2. it’s -17 degrees in Calgary last couple of days!! Why would anyone want to be in a string bikini even if it was indoors? She may have gotten in trouble and to make things easier on herself she is passing the buck on to others

  3. Shouldn’t you post the picture that is the subject of so much controversy? I mean, how can we discuss it intelligently unless we actually see the photo?

  4. I’m kind of astonished that the Student Union could sponsor what this woman did, then condemn the paper for taking and running a picture of it, with a straight face.

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