Favourite Commenter

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FMH has listed me as a “Favorite Commenter”. Pretty cool.

I guess I should comment over there more often.

Of course, maybe it’s not that my comments are among their favourites, but perhaps I am their favourite person who happens to comment there once in a while.

8 thoughts on “Favourite Commenter

  1. Am I their favourite commenter because of my comments or because of being me?

    “Favourite commenter” could mean someone who’s comments are regarded as their favourite or someone who is their favourite that comments.

  2. Thanks, Lisa.

    I wish I could same the same thing about you, but I must with all due respect and honesty defer my favouritism to my wife as commenter and person.

  3. I think “Our Thoughts” should have a favorite commenter election.

    I think I can predict at least one person who would lose.

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