Guys Against the Girls

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We just came home from a 2.5 hour elders quorum social where we ate snack and played Cranium and Catchphrase. For both games the teams were split “guys against the girls”.

Each time the men won a turn, they were jumping in the air, doing high fives, making the touchdown signal and screaming. When the women won a turn they would smile, maybe clap their hands once or twice and perhaps let out a mild exclamation.

I don’t usually play games on a wide scale, but whenever we have played games at home?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùme and Mary or with one or two other couples?¢‚Ǩ‚ÄùI always act as the men did tonight. I thought I was just very competitive, but now I am thinking I’m not alone.

Are men just generally more competitive then women?

One thought on “Guys Against the Girls

  1. you’re kiding right Kim? You are asking if men are naturally more competitive then women? or I shouldn’t say more competitive but more boastful about their winnings? Watch any professional sport, hockey, basketball, hockey, and watch any of them get the winning shot and the whooping nad hollering that goes on.

    When men play against women, because they will so rarely win that they need to boost their morales and those of their teammates for the next round!! Sheesh I thought you knew that :)

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