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I just found out that one of Utah’s biggest cities is named after Canadian fur trader Peter Skene Ogden. It really is true: no matter where you go, Canada’s footprint is around the world.

7 thoughts on “Ogden

  1. this is not enough information!!!! how am i sapposed to write a report on peter skene ogden and my computer keeps bringing me here?

  2. seriously need more info!!! how can you run a site on such little infermation?

  3. Did you know Provo, Utah is named after Etienne Provost? Provost was a Quebecois trapper (born 1785 in Chambly) who was credited with discovering a river. The river (which actually turns out not to be the one he came across, but that’s how history goes sometimes) was named after him, and the city was then named after the river.

    There’s some biographical information here: http://historytogo.utah.gov/people/etienneprovost.html

  4. Upon further reading, it looks like I may have been wrong when I said Provost was “credited with discovering” a river. The source I linked doesn’t seem to show that, although I thought I remembered reading that in another source, years ago. Either way, the river and the city were eventually named after him.

  5. Well, now, Mary, you’ve seen me admit I was wrong before.

    But in this particular case, I’m just saying I don’t know whether I may be wrong. The source I cited doesn’t support what I said. But if my recollection is correct, another source I read a long time ago does support what I said. So I thought it was wise to offer some qualification.

    Hope you’re not too disappointed that this wasn’t a full-fledged confession of wrongness. :)

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