Terry Fox

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Today marks 25 years since Terry Fox, arguably Canada’s most inspirational person, started his cross-Canada run for cancer in St. John’s, NL.

Terry only finished half of his run despite running a marathon every day for 143 days. Five months after he started, he stopped near Thunder Bay upon discovering the cancer that cost him his leg was now in his lungs. He died nine months later.

In the last 25 years, thousands upon thousands of other Canadians have run the remaining 5,000+ kilometres in races named after him. Over 360 million dollars has been raised in his name for cancer research.

Terry is an inspiration to many and a symbol of hope to disadvantaged people everywhere.

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  1. Your wonderful niece asked me the day they did the Terry Fox run at their school if I was already old when he died. Some days you just want to smack them lol

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