Nigerian Scams

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We’ve all seen them, or at least heard of them. Nigerian scams. The ones where they promise you a share of a multimillion dollar reward, but reality only want to kidnap you, hold you for ransom and maybe kill you.

Anyhow, I created a new webpage to document my interaction with such scam artists. At this point, I have only interacted with one, Mumba Tama from Ghana.

Read it and enjoy. (It’s long).

4 thoughts on “Nigerian Scams

  1. ROFLMHO!!! You crack me up Kim!!! How many nights did you stay awake laughing? Shame on you taking advantage of this poor man :)

  2. :)

    Mum, he probably was not a poor man. These scams turn out to be very dangerous and people who have responded and met with these people have disappeared, killed or kidnapped for ransom. Very scary.

  3. oh Mary I didn’t mean poor as in monetary but poor as in he didn’t know who he was dealing with lol Only Kim would think of doing that :)

  4. lol, oh ok, that makes sense. Yeah, no kidding. that’s true, well actually a few others have done it, one guy wrote a book ab out it!

    personally i wouldn’t have the courage!!! lol

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