Free iPod

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Many of you may have seen the free iPod contest that has been circulating around the Internet. This is probably old news to many. The new thing though is that the contest is finally available to Canadians.

The deal is you sign up, choose one of seven offers (I choose a week supply of vitamins and paid 15$ CDN for shipping?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùcheaper than over 200$ for the iPod), then invite five other people.

If you want an iPod (for guys, read “need an iPod”), just visit

3 thoughts on “Free iPod

  1. Someone told me about it, Jon. I checked it out and it let me register. The Mac Mini and Shuffle pages, however, won’t even let you sign up if you’re from Canada.

    Check out the address form. It even has a spot for province and postal code.

    Here’s what it says if you can’t:

    “We are sorry, due to your geographical location we can not serve this advertisement. We are forwarding you to another offer that is available to your location.”

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