Church Spokesperson a Woman?

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The Boston Phoenix ran an article on specualtion about Mitt Romney running for US president. I could care less about the purpose of the article, but I found this interesting.

Kim Farah, an LDS spokeswoman, says this is correct. “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a longstanding policy of political neutrality,” Farah said via e-mail. “The Church does not endorse political parties, candidates or platforms.”

This is the second article I’ve read this week where Kim Farah is mentioned.

What happened to Dale Bills? Is the Church moving to having the official spokesperson be a woman?

That’d be cool.

10 thoughts on “Church Spokesperson a Woman?

  1. Nice pull, Kim. You’re right — that is pretty cool. It looks like Sister Farah is becoming the voice of the Church on a fairly regular basis now.

  2. No offense, but the Church has often had female spokespersons in the East. I remember meeting my first more than twenty years ago.

    (She spoke at a young adult conference, back when I was still a young adult).

  3. Good point Kim. Used to be they had a regional spokesperson for the east coast and the east coast press establishment.

    Otherwise, who does the public voice for the Church has varied a lot.


  4. I don’t see why it’s more “cool” for the Church to use a spokeswoman than a spokesman. I’m sure either can do the job just fine.

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