Sin?ɬ©ad and Regan

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Here is what will possibly the last professional photograph taken of the Siever children while there are only two of them. Well, okay. It was Sears, so maybe “professional” is not the right word. But something sort of like it anyhow.

Sin?ɬ©ad and Regan in a posed photo with Sin?ɬ©ad on the left and Regan on the right.

3 thoughts on “Sin?ɬ©ad and Regan

  1. That’s because there are only two of them.

    Add one more a year older than Sinéad, one the same age as Sinéad, and one a year younger than Regan and I wonder what the outcome would be.

  2. it would still be the same outcome cause they will/would have inherited their mother’s common sense and know that they would NEVER make funny faces at a camera no matter what their father bribed them with. Now the key is to keep their father AND grandfather away from them at the same time pictures are taken :)

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