New Calling: Elders Quorum President

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It is official. I am now the new elders quorum president of the Lethbridge First Ward. The stake presidency set us apart today.

The previous elders quorum president is moving this week and the bishop decided to put me in his place. Actually, he initially refused to give me up as ward clerk having been comfortable with how I ran things clerically. His counsellors managed to talk him into it.

I have known about it since the end of April even though the bishopric hid it from me until I was officially called by the stake presidency.

Things are different from the last time I was called as president. The quorum is smaller, I am one of the oldest in the quorum and I have learned a lot having served with a bishopric and a stake mission presidency.

I have a few ideas in mind regarding some initiatives we can implement to improve home teaching, strengthen quorum unity and grow the quorum. I meet with my counsellors this Tuesday to discuss these and we?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ll see how receptive they are to them.

If anyone is interested, here are the callings I have had since I was married in 1995:

  • elders quorum second counsellor
  • elders quorum president
  • ward mission leader
  • stake mission secretary
  • young men president
  • ward clerk
  • elders quorum president

Nope. No ward bulletin editor.

9 thoughts on “New Calling: Elders Quorum President

  1. Congratulations,
    I was set apart as Elder’s Quorum president in my ward on May 1. Subsequently I was offered my dream job out of state on May 2. After prayer, fasting and counseling with my bishop, my wife and I decided to take it. We are leaving in three weeks. It was a very transitional presidency. I know god had a purpose in giving me this calling, but I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand it in mortality. Any thoughts?

  2. Or perhaps your quorum needed you to be its president, even if only for a short time. Howard W. Hunter’s presidency was short; that didn’t make it meaningless.

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