Changes to Church Website

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Last summer, Ron Schwendiman, Manager of Internet Operations for the Church, gave a presentation (PPT, 14 slides, 382KB) at BYU Education Week on the future of the Church’s website. Here are some of the highlights he presented on what the Church’s website may look by the end of this summer.

  • Full site navigation and content in 10 languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)
  • Site organized by user need or interest
  • Single-source authentication (user ID and password) of users to provide content based on roles and positions (My LDS.ORG)
  • Expanded and integrated search capabilities in all 10 languages

In addition, he provided the following screenshot of a preliminary design of the new site.

Screenshot of new design for LDS.ORG

6 thoughts on “Changes to Church Website

  1. Very cool. There was new article that they were looking to revamp the site this year but I didn’t know a sneak peak was available. Thanks.

  2. Finally.

    All I ask for is: simple (plain-language) URLs; sane, condensed navigation; validating, semantic HTML and standards-compliant CSS; and enough content to make Google swoon.

  3. If there are changes in the Church website, it can’t be true! God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!
    [/jovial sarcasm]

    Ben S.

  4. I guess that a lot of improvement could be done to the Church’s website. More interaction, more resources, more of the Church’s beliefs ( barely could respond to an investigator questions). I think that the Brethren ought to look at the Internet as another media in which they could contact the members. I feel that a lot more could be done, especially in the Ward/Stake web pages (the current version is quite appalling) to include forums of discussion. There is so many new and ‘rich’ ways of interaction that could be suggested and implemented that would allow the LDS site to be truly ‘a site [sight] for sore eyes’.


  5. Interesting post. I listened to a presentation a while back from someone similar. Seems most of there problems stemmed from the fact that no one departement had been assigned ownership of the site. Now that the curriculum department is in charge I think we can expect improvoment.

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