Cineplex Galaxy and Famous Players

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Canada’s largest theatre chains (Cineplex Galaxy and Famous Players) are merging. In an effort to appease the Commissioner of Competition, the new company (mostly Cineplex Galaxy) agreed to sell off 35 theatres. Unsurprisingly, Lethbridge was included in the list of cities where these theatres are located.

There are three theatres owned by the two companies in Lethbridge: Paramount, Lethbridge Centre, and Park Place Mall. My prediction is the new company will sell off the Lethbridge Centre and Paramount theatres.

Lethbridge Centre has only two screens and Famous Players has seriously neglected the state of the Paramount for years to the point that it is in sorry array. Park Place Mall, on the other hand, spent several million dollars in the last two years to add four more screens and completely renovate the previous eight.

Maybe a local buyer will sweep up Paramount and bring it back to the glory it enjoyed during its independent days.

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