Joseph Smith Website

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Thanks to an anonymous source, I came a cross a new website the Church seems to be developing on the life of Joseph Smith. The design needs a little more work to be cross browser (they are, however, trying to implement more standards compliant design), but it looks to be a very resourceful site.

9 thoughts on “Joseph Smith Website

  1. Hi Kim, is a link to the new movie the Church is making about Joseph Smith’s time in Upper Canada. A friend from Ottawa is going to be in the film,as well as a bunch of other people in his ward who are all sporting beards. I guess every Sunday they announce for the benefit of any new visitors that the beards are strictly for film purposes, just so no one gets the wrong idea :)

  2. Justin’s link is still working for me (probably from a cache). It looks like they noticed traffic rolling in from Kim and quickly redirected because the site has not been cleared for launch yet. The internal pages seem to be working without any redirects for me still too.

  3. Oh, and Geoff, it is laughable to think they are having any significant increase in site traffic because of my post. We hardly get much traffic here.

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