Hillcrest High and More T-shirt Banning

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Apparently, Hillcrest High School have problems with more than the ?¢‚Ǩ?ìQueers Kick Ash?¢‚Ǩ¬ù t-shirts. It seems they also have problems with anti-war t-shirts like ?¢‚Ǩ?ìMake Love, Not War?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìDrop Doughnuts, Not Bombs?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìShoot Baskets, Not Guns?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSay No to War, Say Yes to Peace?¢‚Ǩ¬ù and ?¢‚Ǩ?ìNo Blood for Oil?¢‚Ǩ¬ù. The school officials said it was because they hoped to thwart confrontations between anti- and pro-war supporters.

I suppose being a heavily Republican state has nothing to do with it.

One thought on “Hillcrest High and More T-shirt Banning

  1. I suppose you’re right in so supposing.

    Obviously, they’re suppressing slogan t-shirts irrespective of the particular political stance they take, rather than just suppressing those that are anti-Republican.

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