President Hinckley Visits China in July

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According to a report in the Deseret News, President Gordon B. Hinckley is to travel to China (in addition to several other countries) at the end of July. He will be visiting Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) and Hong Kong (People’s Republic of China).


5 thoughts on “President Hinckley Visits China in July

  1. I’m trying to guess what was behind that “Hmmm…” but I just can’t figure it out.

  2. Me neither… The thought of the gospel ever doing anything in China just gives me chills, after all they’ve been through on account of religion.

  3. Julianne

    Do you mean the thrilling chills? I think it’s a very positive thing that they are going to China and it offers great hope.

  4. Yes. I met a couple who were teaching English in China and said that they were asked question after question about the gospel by their students. When I think of the frenzied “Mao worship” during cultural revolution, it seems obvious that the people wanted/needed something, someone to believe in.

  5. Or you have decades of hero worshippers looking for someone to fill the place formerly held by state leaders.

    It would be a same story different day scenario.

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