Emma’s Faith

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While studying my scriptures this morning, I started thinking about Emma Smith and how dedicated she was to her husband Joseph. I am sure if I had told Mary when we were dating that I had seen God and Jesus and had been visited by an angel that she would have though I was off my rocker and would have called the whole thing off right there.

Emma went through a lot even though she wasn’t the prophet. She traipsed all over the northeastern United States. She saw her husband imprisoned many times, tortured and killed. She had to experience plural marriage.

She must have had a lot of faith in what her husband was doing. Or, perhaps she just really loved him. Or maybe both.

8 thoughts on “Emma’s Faith

  1. she definately would have been a candidate for sainthood in my books. I am in the middle of re-reading the Work and the Glory again so am very familiar with what she had to endure. I know I couldn’t.

  2. Probably both.

    Hey, you don’t give me enough credit! I don’t think I would have called it off. Emma was as much entitled to the Spirit and so she probably recieved a confirmation. I would have too, I amsure. I certainly have a lot of faith in everything you do now, except I don’t see why getting an ipod is so urgent :)

  3. so? I was marrying you. I knew that from before we even STARTED dating. So if you had said you had a vision, I would have prayed about it and recieved a confirmation. I am sure Emma did.

  4. Would you really have? For over two decades you were raised on—and eventually came to accept—the belief that the president of the Church spoke for God.

    If I had mentioned to you during our dating period that I had seen God and Jesus and they told me to start a new church, you would pray about it?

  5. Well, ok, let’s look at this realistically. Emma’s situation was different, if this was during THEIR time than I would be more likely. BUt as we KNOW, the Gospel has BEEN restored.

    I love Emma Smith. She is one amazing woman!

  6. But is it that different?

    Many Christians of the time believed that revelation was abandoned and a restoration was not necessary. Otherwise, so many people would not have persecuted Joseph Smith.

    Emma had to go against many long held religious beliefs to follow her husband.

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