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We’d like to announce the addition of Mike De Vuyst to the blogging team at Our Thoughts.

Mike is a high school teacher and town councillor in Cardston, Alberta, and runs a personal political blog. We liked his writing style and thought he would make a good addition to Our Thoughts.

We like to think that Our Thoughts is the LDS group blog in Canada, but everyone we get seems to be from Alberta. If anyone else is interested in joining, please drop me a line.

Please welcome Mike. We look forward to his contributions.

3 thoughts on “New Blogger

  1. Welcome Mike. Even though I am a Calgarian, my roots are in the settling of Cardston.
    You are Dutch (apparently) and I am half Dutch, so we have two, no make it three things in common; I, too, am conservative in my politics, somewhat libertarian and…
    Any way it’s good to have you here with us. You’ll like Kim. He’ll challenge any conventional thinking on almost any topic, just to be sure we’re thinking.

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