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I am off to Seattle the week of July 17th to attend Web Design World. I’ll be arriving into SeaTac on the night of the 17th (Sun) and leaving the morning of the 20th (Wed).

Anyone else from the Bloggernacle going to be in the Seattle area? Wanna get together? I’ll be staying at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront. My wife thinks I am going to partying there, so I might as well live up to her expectations.

J. Stapley from Splendid Sun has offered his house as the Bloggersnacker location.

Post a comment if you’re coming.

EDIT: This is a repost.

8 thoughts on “Seattle Bloggersnacker

  1. My house should be game (need to get the ok from my wife). If there is not a bloggersnacker, then maybe we could get together for dinner or something. Send me an email as the time gets closer.

  2. Actually, I am flying into Vancouver, Mum. I fly Lethbridge > Calgary > Vancouver > Seattle.

    It’s too bad you’ll already have been and gone, Pat. I’d love to meet you. Perhaps if I ever get down to Utah (It’s been 11 years since I’ve been home and I still haven’t been back)…

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