Celine Dion Live 8

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Live 8 was pretty cool this week. Despite the criticisms many gave for the supposed lack of entertainers in Barrie, ON (not Toronto as Bono sang), it was a good show. The finale by Gird Downie, Neil Young, BNL, Bruce Cockburn, and others was patriotic and inspiring.

Celine Dion was too self-absorbed to make it and thought she would be benevolent enough to appear via a satellite feed from Vegas. Justifiably, she was booed by those in attendance. If you’re going to perform, be there. If you’re not going to be there, don’t perform.

5 thoughts on “Celine Dion Live 8

  1. yeah really. who does she think she is trying to being attention to poverty from las vegas. she needs to be tied to the titanic and taken out to shore. she needs to have a big ol’ sock shoved down that loud throat of hers. she needs to stop doing performances via satelite. if she didn’t build the satelite then she shouldn’t be using them. she should just go back to canada (a beautiful place) and be a housewife. geesh. helping out poverty via satelite? how in to yourself can you be?

  2. It wasn’t helping poverty via satellite per se that was a sign of her self-absorption. It was her lack of dedication to the event. How dedicated could she be if she couldn’t break herself away from Vegas? Other performers were able to do it.

  3. I Love Celine! She should have been there, and not via satellite, though. Still, I don’t believe she deserves all this backlash and hatred!

  4. So fucking what if she didn’t show up at the Live 8?!!? I think people knew that she was going to be performing via sattilite anyway. You people are missing the point. She lent her talents to raise money for a good cause. That’s more than you can say for many artist! Where’s Britney Fuckin’ Spears? Besides, if I bought tickets to her(Celine) show and she cancelled to do Live 8, I’d be pissed too. She decided to stick to her obligatons and that’s commendable. You can please everyone!

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