If You Think Harper and The Conservatives Have a Hidden Agenda…

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Have a look here if you want to see what wonderful and caring people the NDP are.

Don’t forget that these are the people the Liberals love to sleep with. No two tier health care system for Canada…not on your life…or is it not in your life. As professional autocrats they know better than any one of you silly plebes what is right for you.

Now with same sex marriage legalized have a look at this http://angrygwn.mu.nu/archives/100156.php. Imagine having consequences for decisions one makes. As someone pointed out there, the next ruling for these idiots will be that Churches can have their own standards, but they can not force them on individual members.

What a wonderful world we have created for our descendants.

Yes, Harper and the Conservatives do have a hidden agenda…not because they haven’t announced it, but because it falls outside the fairy-tale world of Liberals and NDP and therefore is hidden from view of those who can’t think for themselves.

9 thoughts on “If You Think Harper and The Conservatives Have a Hidden Agenda…

  1. I agree that the Conservatives have a hidden agenda because I have no idea what their agenda is.

    Two years ago, they were all hush-hush when it came to SSM. Then last year, they announced they were vehemently opposed to it.

    Earlier this year, they made a pact with the Bloc Quebecois to oust the Liberals. Then when the Liberals made a act with the Bloc to pass the SSM bill, the Conservatives get all up in arms and say that Canadians won’t accept the bill because the Bloc—a separatist party—voted on it.

    To everyone who is not a Conservative supporter, the party seems to be zig-zagging all over the place with no clear course in mind.

    If they were more consistent with party policies, perhaps what they have in mind for the country would not appear to be hidden.

  2. Kim,

    There definitely have been some deficiencies in the way the Conservatives have handled themselves.

    However, with a bought press in Ontario, the Conservatives will never get an even break. They released their party policy back in March to the Canadian public and to the press. See here http://www.conservative.ca/media/20050319-POLICY%20DECLARATION.pdf and guess how much coverage it got.

    They are much more interested in platitudes and name calling, than in clear and independent reporting. As far as I’m concerned, the press in Ontario are graduates of the Liberal school for dummies. This allows them to ignore some very serious problems we have with the Liberals, and instead play word games with the Conservatives. If they get paid for their work…itis too much.

  3. All I know is this is precisely why I don’t tie myself to a single party. They’re all a bunch of backstabbing, lying politicians, ad when it comes time to vote, I try to pick the less evil of them all, or I concern myself with my MP and not the party leader.

  4. The problem in Canada is that the party leader is your MP.
    Because of the system that has evolved, we are unlike any other western democracy. The party whip makes sure that party members toe the party line, and the party line is established by an oligarchy in the party, headed by the leader.
    My point, however, in this blog, is to point out that the Conservatives are far less to be feared than the Liberals.
    If Mulroney or Joe Who were leading the Conservatives it would be a different matter. In spite of his bad press, Stephen Harper is a man of principle, and would be a principled leader.

  5. That really all depends. While I have never had an MP who chose constituent desires over party policy (after all, we have a Conservative MP here in Lethbridge), I am aware of at least a couple of MPs in Vancouver (not sure if they are still in parliament as this was a few years ago), who were very committed to constituent needs and often voted accordingly even if it meant going against party policy.

    Whether Stephen Harper would be a principled leader remains to be seen. Sure he receives bad press, but the press (for the most part) doesn’t make stuff up. If they report him as being a backstabber, that’s because he was backstabbing, for one example. as long as he leads the Conservative party, I won’t be voting for it.

  6. Kim,

    Either you have never had experience with the press or you have a ideal image of what they do.
    Not only do they not tell the truth they often become involved in creative writing.
    There may be elements of truth in their stories, but for the large part they tilt the story in whatever manner they feel appropriate, with no regard for the truth.
    A number of years ago I had a client who was a reporter. He was covering a major political figure here in Alberta. He enlightened me as to how the press worked here in Canada and elsewhere.
    He would write as honest a report as he could on the comments of this individual, but when he read the front page coverage of his story, under his name, it had no bearing on what he actually wrote.
    I knew the politician personally and knew that what was in the paper was false and he confirmed it. The stories are legion regarding this type of activity and Stephen Harper is one victim. He doesn’t back stab even though the story may be slanted that way.
    He may be inexperienced and not always handle things the way politically savvy people would, but he is an honest man and would never back stab Canadians the way Paul Martin and Jean Chretien have.

  7. Actually, I have had numerous experiences with the press, most notably when I ran for municipal political office. My experiences were not always rosy, but direct quotes attributed to me were always accurate.

  8. They couldn’t have quoted you accurately. Otherwise you would be councillor or mayor (IMHO), or at least should be.

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