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Thanks for the warm welcome Kim. This seems like a safe passage into the bloggernacle and I’m grateful for the oppurtunity.

As Kim mentioned, I live in the Edmonton area. Just moved out of the best ward I have ever been a part of and now find myself in Sherwood Park and I’m very much, “the new girl” and my family is probably annoying countless fellow Sherwood Parkians by squatting in their pew. Many of my posts will probably wine about our weekly struggles of incorporating ourselves into this new environment. Well, until I get over it…

Seven years ago I married my best friend and we’ve settled into a comfy marriage, and I’ve decided I’ll scrapbook our wedding photos. Think we might actually make it now (Somewhere there is a 6+ foot tall blond rolling his eyes). We have a lot of fun together and tend to bond over renovations. My daughter is five and will be venturing into grade one in the fall. It’s gonna be a great summer with more pictures drawn for the fridge than I know what to do with.

Random things about me: Photography is one of my passions. I hope to set up a studio in my home and pursue this artform as a hobby with benefits. I spend an absurd amount of time at Totem Building Supplies lately as our new home requires “some work.” I work as design team member for an online scrapbooking community and it fills my needs creatively (for the most part).

Hope this didn’t all sound too smug and simple. If it does, not to worry, something always goes wrong.

I genuinely look forward to being part of Our Thoughts.

7 thoughts on “< insert snappy title here >

  1. Welcome Nikki!!

    Nikki is one of the most wonderful people in the world. :) She is sweet, caring, smart and a good friend.

    And no you aren’t being smug or too simple :)

  2. It’s good to see that something good can come out of that far northern city.

    Previously, I thought the only good thing coming out of there was the Queen Elizabeth highway. (Just joking)

    Good to have you on board.

  3. My sister is a photographer and is in college for it. I have a tiny passion for photography but my sister takes the cake with all of that. I hope you plan to post some pictures soon I just love looking at my sister’s work she is so great at what she does and I am sure your work will be just as great. Can’t wait!

  4. i-can-be-your-hero-baby

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