Elders Quorum Socials

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We had our first social since I was put in as elders quorum president. It was fairly successful. We had two couples beside the presidency and families. It was a chili cookoff and there were four chilis. every tasted the chilis and then rated them. Everyone received a prize because each had won in at least one of the five categories available. The owner of the chili with two category wins also received a plastic firefighter’s hat.

I feel the event was successful, but I wonder what others have found to be their favourite elders quorum socials.

5 thoughts on “Elders Quorum Socials

  1. That’s sad. But I know where you’re coming from. In the seven years I’ve been in Lethbridge, we’ve probably had four (two wards and six EQPs not including me).

  2. One of the best ones I’ve ever been involved in was a halloween party one year. Halloween at church is always funny, so this year, we did a murder mystery dinner for the whole ward. I wrote the script based on the “Clue” game. It went over really big.


  3. Mark, I had a flashback to a Halloween party I attended at the Prince Rupert branch back in 1992…there was bobbing for apples in the baptismal font…wish I was joking….

    Best EQ social…hmmm…Had a fun one at the Edmonton Institute about 6 months ago. Basketball in the gym…Pool tournament…Visiting in the common areas it all kept us busy and gave us oppurtunities to play…

  4. My favorite is the ice cream social (sometimes a full-on BBQ) after the Priesthood session of conference. We normally have 10-15 elders, a handful of high priests, a couple of under 12 sons, and the occasional wife. Lots of fun for everyone.

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