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Kim is in Seattle for the next few days. And already we are missing him. The children see three days as being excruciatingly long and there were many tears at the airport when we said goodbye. Mainly from Sin?ɬ©ad who is very much a daddy’s girl. She said to me, when we got home that when we were wavin at him through the window, she tried to smile, but it was so hard, she couldn’t manage it very well. I know, it seems it shouldn’t be a big deal, but she is only 6. :)

The days will be busy though and with the internet, he is more accessible than he would have been several years ago. And on Wednesday we will be waiting at the airport to welcome him home. In the meantime we will keep busy with school stuff (yes, we don’t stop school entirely during the summer. Especially with an Octopus Science project coming up!) going to the gym (the children have a gym class on Tuesdays too; they love it), violin practice and planning for our family vacation next month. The time will fly by faster than they (Sin?ɬ©ad and Regan) realise.

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