Seattle Bloggersnacker Report

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I like to think that since I initiated the Seattle Bloggersnacker, without me it would have amounted to nothing. Admittedly, however, that is not the case. The success of the night actually laid with the Stapleys. The Stapley home is rapidly becoming the west coast hub of the Bloggernacle. what with Nate Oman visiting there last week, Steve Evans visiting next week, and the bloggersnacker there last night.

J picked me up downtown at my hotel. I was down at the waterfront, right by the Bell St Pier. After some driving along the scenic way, we were quickly on our way. Before I knew it, we were there. The Stapley home is nice. Very modest but somewhat upscale. Certainly comfortable and inviting.

Shortly after I arrived, Geoff and Kristen Johnston arrived with their whole crew of four children. Matt Jacobsen was next and Aaron Brown rounded out the party, which of course did not start until he arrived.

There was a lot of visiting and finger-pointing and ridiculing regarding the bloggernacle, so it was a productive evening. We had a lot of snacks, mostly provided by the Stapleys (cheese, salmon, snack mixes, potato chips, bite-sized chocolate bars, Diet Coke, lemonade, Squirt, and so on). I brought some provolone cheese imported from Italy, which I purchased earlier that day from Pike Place Market. I brought some crackers as well. It seemed, however, that all the crackers were used to eat the hummus. The cheese was good by itself, but the homemade sourdough bread provided by the Stapleys was a perfect way to eat it. I would even go so far as to say it made it better.

Around 9:30, the party died down because the Johnstons had to go home (so maybe the party started when they arrived and not when Aaron arrived). It probably didn’t help that we were all a bunch of thirty-somethings. Geoff was the old fart of the group, and his old bones probably couldn’t handle the excitement any longer. J has a policy of driving into Seattle only once per day, so Aaron drove me home. Which was good. We had a nice trip back. I was able to see the rest of the scenic route that J missed.

Sadly, there are no photos. I’d like to say it’s because we are a mysterious lot, but the reality of the situation is that I simply forgot I had my camera with me.

Now, if we could only get one together in Calgary.

7 thoughts on “Seattle Bloggersnacker Report

  1. Better still, Kim, since most of the bloggers live in Southern Alberta, and my wife and I are down fairly frequently, we should do it down there, either in Cardston, or Lethbridge, or dare I say it…Raymond. That way it wouldn’t inconvenience any of you who have children. My six are all grown up, with my youngest in Bangkok, Thailand on a mission, so I’m much more mobile. Then perhaps we could entice J. Stapely, Aaron and others up to visit our BSE free land, and enjoy an Alberta beef barbeque. Mmmmm….I can smell it already.

  2. Well, if Nikki was willing to travel all the way down here, we’d be game. I was thinking Calgary more because it was more central and Americans might be more likely to go to Calgary than Lethbridge.

  3. Sorry, I thought Nikki lived down south. I obviously wasn’t paying attention.
    It would be great to have it in Calgary. My apartment is a small 2 bedroom suite but I don’t think it would be difficult to find an appropriate venue for such an event.

  4. We did have a nice time and I enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers.

    My one question is there was salmon? How did I miss that, I love Salmon!

    It was fun and Canada sounds interesting!

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