Simon Southerton Promoting Book Again

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Simon Southerton, who is struggling hard to be a critic of the Church in a long-since dead area is back again. Maybe his book had low sales last year, so he is trying to drum up some more buyers.

Anyhow, The Age had this, in part, to say:

Last year he published a rebuttal of the Book of Mormon teachings that Native American and Polynesian ancestors came from ancient Israelite tribes who had migrated to the Americas centuries before Christ.

In all the years I’ve read the Book of Mormon?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùin all the times I’ve read it from cover to cover?¢‚Ǩ‚ÄùI must have entirely skipped over the part where it teaches “Native Americans” and “Polynesians” are descended from Israelite tribes.

Maybe if Southerton focused more on what was in the Book of Mormon and less on how members of the Church have traditionally extrapolated the Book of Mormon, it wouldn’t be an issue that he “is facing possible ex-communication”.

I wonder why didn’t wait another week. If he had, he could have done double duty by bringing about press for his new book, and celebrating the first anniversary of the last time he brought this up.

102 thoughts on “Simon Southerton Promoting Book Again

  1. “If I turn out to be wrong, it must be because God doesn’t speak to me.”

    The best chuckle I’ve had all day. Thanks, Apologist. :)

  2. Apologist said: “If you want church leaders to be right about everything they say as proof that God is speaking to them, then you are lucky you weren’t living in Jerusalem around 600 BC.”

    I would prefer that men who claim to be God’s Leaders’s to tell the truth or not lie by acting like they speak for God when they don’t.

    Whatever happened about the Prophet claiming scipture was fulfilled when the oil fields where set on fire. Why do we no longer hear about it?

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