2012 Olympic Logos

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For anyone who is interested, I did a write-up on the logos of the finalist candidate cities for the 2012 Olympic Games.

3 thoughts on “2012 Olympic Logos

  1. I liked the london one the best, USA next, Madrid, Paris and then Moscow. I did like the river running through London it showed something unique for that city. USA did the same with the Statue of Liberty, unique to that city. I disagree with your idea that it shows Americans as the winner. With having the Olympics here in a couple of years you can bet every single BC’er is going to be cheering for Canadian atheles. Americans are competitive and usually are in the top medal winners category. They should put something that shows that. On the other hand instead of the athelete in the logo being depicted as an american winner maybe it is just showing that the statue of liberty is welcoming all atheles with open arms to the united states.

    I agreed with the rest of your comments on the other logos

  2. For me Madrid’s was best followed by Moscow. NYC has to be the worst, I agree it does appear to make Americans appearing to be winners. Not keen on London’s and Paris is awful.

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