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My boss was fired today.

I have no details. I just know it was because of something he allegedly did. He was there when I arrived and an hour later he was up in the dean’s office talking to her and the head of human resources. That was the last I saw of him. He apparently never saw it coming.

He was a good boss. In fact, he was the best boss I ever had. He was always open to any new ideas I had for the website. He was always willing to buy me a new book to learn new skills. He almost always took my side in issues. He always was willing to accommodate any time off I needed. He challenged me and it was because of him I now know JavaScript and ColdFusion.

I am still in shock and was nauseous all day. I could not focus and was quite unmotivated.

Things are so up in the air. I am in a union, so things seem to be secure for me at this point, but who knows.

11 thoughts on “Boss

  1. Dude, that… well… sucks. To me there is nothing worse than that uncertainty that swirled around when things like that happened. I think it was my total fear and loathing of that uncertainty that finally drove me into starting my own business. For some reason, in my mind the risks associated with going it on my own seemed more bearable than the risks of potentially getting fired. (A bit neurotic sounding I know, but we all have our glitches).

    BTW — I love the new site design. Nice work!

  2. How terribly ironic. I get to work everymorning wishing my boss has died painfully in some high speed accident.

    I am a state employee. The state I work in is Indiana, a place where one can burn the cross but not the flag.

    We have a “chain of command” here. This means your boss passes his responcibilities onto you as his boss has done to him. He keeps his authority of course and like some sled dog you are supposed to smile as he beats you in the face with his tail. The dogs just in front of the sled do the real work. Not surprisingly, they are the first to die.

    Dog eats dog, but hey, we’re going to be the firt to the south pole. Don’t worry. Be happy!

    It makes me sad to hear of you loosing your mentor but as you might surmise, sadness is no burden to me.

    All this makes me think of the last major bill they pushed through the legislature. It allows city county councils to condemn property if local authorities deem it necessary. property owners used to be able to take their complaints to federal court. Well, not anymore.

    God bless America

    (sieg heil!)

    Roger L. Sieloff

  3. I have tried a couple of times to start my own business, but have never been able to make it successful. I wish I could. I really do. But I guess it isn’t meant to be.

    I am glad you like the new design, Geoff. It’s better than the prototypes. I am sort of happy with it. I had some other ideas I wanted to implement but couldn’t with Blogger’s limitations.

  4. That is tough about the boss, I hope the new boss is as good as the old one.

    I realized today that the faculty that you do the website for is the one that my husband intends to apply to once he finishes his accounting program at
    Grant Macewan. It is a small world after all.

  5. Well we will probably be going to where we can get subsidised housing as that is our plan right now but hear that is the place that Hills tend to go before they move to the west side.

  6. but mind you, you never know, i did like the area and the closeness to downtown, places to go with the kids during the day. So we will see. We plan on applying for lethbridge housing early so hopefully we can get in right when we move. And hopefully the places are not too bad.

  7. I agree with Geoff…that sucks. The feeling of the unknown is not won I enjoy.

    On a completely seperate matter..Stop talking about moving Heather! I’m ill prepared for this event and all this chatter is making me feel sick!

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