Bloggernacle Choir

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Our Thoughts recently received the distinction of being a Bloggernacle Choir blog over at David Sundwall’s LDS and Mormon Blogs.

Bloggernacle Choirs are group LDS blogs that are prone to cover many diverse topics and defy categorization. Bloggernacle Choirs are among the best blogs and are good place to start for those new to the Bloggernacle (but please check out us solo bloggers too).

Thanks for the recognition, David. Thanks to all the great posters on Our Thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Bloggernacle Choir

  1. You are welcome. I am slowly getting things back up to speed with a huge backlog of blogs to add but I figured it was a designation that was past due. I am flattered that you noticed.



  2. hey that is great news Kim!!! We, as your readers, already know you do a phenomenal job of making us think!!

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