Two New Bloggers

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All of us at Our Thoughts would like to welcome two new bloggers to the fray. One of them as been a regular commenter here for over a year and the other is more recent.

Sally Haysom (some may know her as Smiles) is from Vancouver, BC, and has commented frequently here. She is also my mum. I felt a little like President Hinckley during priesthood session of the last General Conference when he was talking about his son becoming a general authority. Everyone else seemed to be down with it, so we decided to have her aboard. And we finally broke out of Alberta boundaries.

Rick Beres is from Magrath. Since Larry Bates has some ties to Raymond (a well-known rival of Magrath), we may get to see some good ol’ church ball worthy words. Rick has only recently been commenting here, but he has a unique, strong viewpoint that we liked and thought he’d make a good addition to the team.

I’ll let them introduce themselves. Please welcome them out.

If you are reading this and are LDS, Canadian and living in Canada, drop me a line if you’d like to blog here.

9 thoughts on “Two New Bloggers

  1. Never, likely.

    The survey asked if they thought it should be explored, not whether it should happen. Conceivably, some respondents may want to explorer it in an effort to show separation supporters that it is not a feasible option.

    The article is a bit misleading at the beginning, suggesting that this is a recent issue. In fact, it has been around for many years.

  2. The better question is when is Washington state going to come around to the Canadian way of thinking…

    It’s already been shown that a large number of the people in the Northwest US share more opinions with Western Canadians than they do with the Eastern US.

    The separation card will be played until it loses its’ leverage.

    If I thought a vote for separation might increase transfer payments to the province, I might vote yes right now…

  3. Good point, rick. After all it’s just a matter of time before the US becomes the 11th province. Or maybe 11 through 15.

  4. Thanks for the invite Kim!! Although I am not sure what you meant when you said that you felt a little like Pres. Hinkley and that everyone else seemed to be down wiht it so we decided to have her aboard???

    What were you down with? lol But thanks for inviting me I will try my very best not to say anything embarrassing :)

  5. I mean I didn’t want to do it in fear of being nepotistic. No one else had a problem with you coming aboard, so we went ahead with it.

  6. Thanks for the invite. I was going to start a “Who am I ” post but couldn’t figure out on what I have on my screen for your Our Thoughts how to do it so am just doing it on here.

    AS Kim mentioned I am his mom although he doesn’t always admit that (j/k). I live in Surrey BC and wouldn’t live anywhere else.. well ok I would live in Whistler if I could figure out how to get hubby and all the kids and grandkids there.

    I was recently called as out ward’s Primary President and it amazes me how other people just don’t work at the same speed I do lol. I swear the reason I got this calling was to learn patience in working with others.

    The Bishop on Sunday says to me “President Haysom you have to remember not everyone else in the ward is a perfectionist nor do they work at your speed, you need to have patience”. Gee I thought I had been patient.,.. I had waited 4 whole days to get an answer to my questions hehehehe

    I love the gospel and work hard every day to do the right thing. I feel it has to be a struggle otherwise you get very complacent. I love Kim’s posts as it makes me think. I have read the scriptures for many years and I love it when someone asks a question of “what do you think”?

    I am married and have 5 children and 11 3/4 children. Looking forward to some great posts and ideas.

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