Hello to all

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Well I tried and tried to just cut and paste my post under the other intro but it wouldn’t work. I have been sitting here for last 8 hours working on my calling and getting things set up so I can leave tomorrow morning to spend some time with Kim and his family. I keep telling him if he lived here then it would make it so much easier for him to pop over and help me when I get stuck on something. But of course that would mean I would have to move away from the computer and let someone else have access to it and I don’t know if I am ready for that lol.

I love learning and am always looking for ways to increase my brain load. I love this blog site as it makes me think everytime someone says “what do you think about this scripture”. Many times I holler at the computer to whoever posted and say doesn’t anyone ever read just for the sake of reading.???? But I guess if we did that with our scriptures we surely wouldn’t learn as much.

I truly enjoy church history and can never understand why others don’t feel the same way. We have our oldest son and his 7 year old son living with us this summer and we have been finding ways to incorporate the gospel into their lives (our son is inactive and has been for about 12 years). Our grandson now asks for his turn to say prayer and Sunday night he announces that when he turns 8 he wants to be baptized like his cousins. I spend so much of my time worrying about doing member missionary work “out there” that I forgot I have my own family to work with.

It has been great having a daughter and SIL that are active living so close distance wise with us as our son spends half of his time there. They have the same “rules” as we do, family prayer, family home evenings, church on Sunday etc and he is seeing that there is a part of his life that is missing. We talk a lot just in every day conversation about the church, our callings and what is going on so he can see that he is missing a lot. I sincerely hope that he finds a place to move to that is in our area still.

Well that is it about me. I of course, am not as opinionated as Kim is and am more tactful when telling people off (lol) but I am very proud of the work Kim does and his never ending need to learn and study.

10 thoughts on “Hello to all

  1. nah how could it be easier??? it would be easier to just move you 4 here then for me to move 15 of us there :) besides you have no oceans there or Whistler or Gastown or Robson or Dad’s work………..

  2. The other 13 would have to decide for themsleves.

    Technically Vancouver doesn’t have any oceans either, and there’s a tonne of work for Dad here.

    They’re no Whsitler, but we do have Banff, Fernie and Castle Mountain near by.

  3. tell you what.. if you can convince your sister I can leave her side, I’ll think about it lol. And I never said Vancouver had oceans I just said you didn’t have oceans there :) Mind you … you have Sinead and Regan there that we don’t have here!!

  4. Hi Sally,

    Long time lurker, first time poster here…

    I too have inactive members in my family. Three brothers and two sisters, to be precise. I often wonder what went so wrong that only three of the eight children in my family are active in the church. They (the inactive siblings) are at varying stages… one just doesn’t like how strict the church is. One is looking for “something else”. I think one brother is just too lazy (perhaps he wouldn’t be happy with that generalization), one sister is living with her “fiancee” of seven years, and they have one child and one on the way. And the last one (and oldest brother), well, his tale is the most heartbreaking and waaay too involved for this post. Whew. So, I guess what I’m getting at is this… I decided a while ago that instead of beating my siblings over the head with the Book of Mormon, Word of Wisdom, etc., that I would simply just love them. Not what they are doing so much, mind you, but them – trying to see them for who I know them to be. It’s really hard sometimes. I know I can be really critical at times, and honestly don’t know how to stop myself. If I know the right way, why don’t they do it???? (insert eye roll here) My parents, like you, are an excellent example. My youngest sister and her fiancee are living with my parents right now, and my dad is teaching their 2 1/2 year old how to say the blessing on the food. They take him to church -which he loves. Two years ago his father pronounced that they would “never make him or his son a Mormon”, yet he always comments on how my parents’ home feels “different”. How our family, as dysfunctional as we may be, actually loves each other.

    Keep up with what you’re doing. I didn’t serve a mission, but the need for missionary work in my family is great – and I think that I lose sight of that from time to time. It’s nice to be reminded.

    Thanks Sally!

  5. Welcome Sally,

    It’s good to have you on board, if for no other reson than to keep Kim in line when Mary’s too busy.
    And look at that. You brought a lurker out. I didn’t know we had any. Does that mean that people actually read my posts and not comment? Do I now have to be responsible in how, and on what, I blog? Ohhhh, the pressure. :>)
    Are there any more lurkers out there?
    Keep up the good work, Sally.

  6. Hi Jaana thank you for your beautiful comments!!! Sorry it took so long to get back to them but I have been away camping for 10 days with our daughter and 6 gtandkids and then came home for a few days and then went away with Kim and his family for 8 days. I am glad that my comments hit home with you. Any time!!! I have been known to close my mouth long enough to let others talk :)

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