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My mum posted over at her personal blog asking who else is taking part in President Hinckley’s challenge. I’m not. I was writing up an explanation why I decided not to, but it got so long I decided to do a post.

First, I finished reading the Book of Mormon last year. We finished in companionship study this spring. We finished it in family study this summer. I think I’ve had my fill.

Second, I am studying the Doctrine and Covenants right now. I have spent way too much time on the Book of Mormon the last few years that I have spent little time on the other books (yes, we do have more scriptures than just the Book of Mormon).

Third, I do not read the scriptures just for the sake of reading them. It is not a reasonable goal to read just because. If the scripture were meant to only be read, they would have been written by novelists. I can see how just reading it would be helpful for those who rarely or never read it, but I don’t see the point of it for me.

Fourth, I do not have the time to study the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. On my mission, I did. But other things take up my time now.

Lastly, I am reading The Book of Mormon: A Reader’s Edition. It is a much easier read and one gains a better appreciation for the structure of the book and the words of the Lord than by simply reading it in the conventional form.

I understand President Hinckley’s reasons for extending the challenge. It will benefit a lot of people. I just don’t see any reason for me to do it.

20 thoughts on “Reading

  1. very valid points Kim. I will check out the book store when I am out your way and see if I can find that readers edition as well.

  2. I think that if anyone can get through Second Nephi in one sitting, without fall asleep, they are entitle to a gold star on their temple recommend.

    That’s just me, so Mr. Hinckley if you’re reading this – no pressure, but maybe just something to think about…

    Nephi II is some tough slogging…

  3. It’s only tough slogging if you are just reading it. It’s filled with a whole slew of doctrine. There is no way I could just whip through that book in 1-2 weeks. It wouldn’t do it justice.

  4. “It’s only tough slogging if you are just reading it.”

    True enough, though I maintain that many members barely even touch the surface meanings of what they’re reading.

    So I propose a new challenge:
    Let every member transcribe into modern English First Nephi by Jan 2006.

    In February, Kim can tell us where we all went wrong. ;)

  5. ” many members barely even touch the surface meanings of what they’re reading”

    No argument there, though I would add that many members likely don’t read it at all.

    “Let every member transcribe into modern English First Nephi by Jan 2006.”

    Crap. I wish I saved my notes from the last time I wrote the entire Book of Mormon in my own words..

  6. You say you’re not taking the challenge but you acknowledge that you are reading The Reader’s Edition. Seems like you’re taking the challenge to me.

  7. The challenge is to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.

    I was reading A Reader’s Edition before the challenge was issued. I received it for Christmas, so I have been reading it since the beginning of the year.

  8. The challenge is important for the reason cited – so few have really read it. One really has to read it a few times before they begin to grasp the message in the Book of Mormon.
    Rick, it would be great to get your take on 2Ne. You can leave out the Isaiah sections, but starting in 2Ne.2 would be interesting.

    Also, I’m curious as to why you use the Dalai Lama as your photo. Are you a fan or follower of his?

    Annegb, it’s nice to know that you frequent this blog. I suspect that Kim drew you over.

    Tanya, tell us who you are.
    “Oh my heck, you’re going to go to hell!!!

    Or, you know… not.”
    will apply to you if you do not. I love a good sense of humour.

    And anonymous… you seem to be everywhere – are you everyman/woman?

  9. Hi Larry,

    I use His Holiness the Dalai Lama as my photo primarily because of quotes like this:

    “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” – Dalai Lama

    It just doesn’t get distilled down more than that.

    He is a genuinely decent individual, and I can appreciate that.

  10. Kinda seems like you’re missing the point — Yeah, I’ve read the BOM too, (and am currently reading it with my husband as well) but. When the prophet speaks, it is as if from the Lord. If we do it, we will be blessed for doing it. If not, our lives will go on just fine but without the enhanced blessings it would bring.

    And I’m only on here not because I know you guys but because I was looking for a chart to find where I “should” be in order to finish by the end of the year. ;-)

    To those of you who ARE reading, GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  11. Actually, I think most everyone else has missed the point. After all, the challenge does not seem to include the admonition to finish before the end of the year.

    As well, if you really think everything the prophet says comes from the Lord, you will be in for the shock of your life if you ever come across some anti material.

    “I’m only on here not because I know you guys but because I was looking for a chart…”

    Does this mean you do know us?

  12. Remember the parable of the “Ten Virgins.” You know Prez Hinckley is encouraging the BOM to be read by years end.
    As for the “big surprise” from anti jibberish, when the last day has come I would rather follow the prophet than a contrary half witted evangalist, hell bent on bashing with half truth and lies.

  13. Kim, I’m dismayed by this post, especially in light of some of your other posts about the importance of simple obedience to God. You say the Prophet asked you to do it, yet you also say you couln’t think of a reason for you to do it. Why wasn’t the fact that the Prophet asked you to do it a reason for doing it?

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