Propets old and new alike

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The scriptures give us many examples of prophets in the Old and New Testaments. Then the keys were removed off the earth not to return until the “present” time of Joseph Smith. As I have been studing the Book of Mormon as well as the Doctrice and Covenants this past while, the same thought keeps cropping up. Why is it that the keys were not returned until Joseph Smith? Was it planned this way in the pre-existance? I mean the righteousness of the people was not any less great in say the 1700’s as it was when Joseph was 14. There have been many great men that have walked the earth in between the last prophet and Joseph. Why not any of them? And why a boy of 14? I mean I have 4 sons and if I were to think back at their life at 14, well let’s just say, getting them up in the morning to get to Seminary was enough of a struggle in their life. I remember when President Kimball died and President Benson was called. It floored me as a very young adult, that they would pick just as aged a man as the previous Prophet. I remember asking why on earth the church did not pick a young man who would live for a few more years and the reply always came back “cause by their age, tempation has long left them and they have proven themselves to the Lord.” Well Joseph hadn’t proven anything at 14.

Are the answers in the scriptures and when I get to that part of my reading, my head is nodding too much to have absorbed it? Christ knew from a very very young age what his mission in life was to be. He knew of his life with his Father. Did Joseph as well? He saw many many visions in his short life but did he ever see his life in the pre-existance? Was there a time when he stepped forward, as Christ did, and said pick me Father? Or would our Father just have chosen him instead of asking for volunteers?

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  1. I think it was predetermined that Joseph would learn about this at his age. ONe thing though, he was always a very responsible and mature boy (well, ok in SOME ways) even as a child and so I think the natural inclinations hehad to things spiritual were just natural progression. Others have become prohpets at early ages, or knew this would happen (Mormon for example, and the Prophet Samuel). You also see this in Joseph, the son of Jacob. Nephi is another one who was spiritual and discerning as a younger man. It may have had to do with the times, or life experiences, or just personal maturation, or a combination?

    I don’t know if Joseph knew. I personally think if it was me and *I* knew, I would be rather terrified, lol. But he also died at a relatively young age, having accopmplished an incredible amount of work in his short life. I do think he was prepared in his life, and he was led by the Spirit.

  2. “But he also died at a relatively young age, having accomplished an incredible amount of work in his short life”

    If he had the First Vision at 44 instead, I doubt things would have turned out much different as far as when he died. He died young because he started his prophetic role young.

  3. Why not?

    He used other young people in the past (Mormon, Samuel, etc). I think if He had picked someone who was 83, people would be asking, “why did He pick someone who was 83”. If the gospel was restored in France, people would have asked, “why did He restore it France”. If it iwas in 1910, people would have asked, “why did He restore it in 1910”. And so forth.

  4. Joseph didn’t really become a full-fledged Prophet at age 14. His first vision was a preparatory experience, along with many others that followed over several years. Finally, he was prepared to receive the Priesthood. Yet he still continued receiving more keys, understanding and authority after that–line upon line. So in fact, Joseph Smith did have some age and experience aiding him, as well as a lot of tutoring by heavenly beings.

  5. For more thoughts on why God chose someone young, rough and uneducated, take a look at 1 Corinthians 1:27 and Alma 37:6.

  6. Mary said, “I think it was predetermined that Joseph would learn about this at his age.” Perhaps this would be a good thread to link to the “Pre-Mortal Works” thread.

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