Calamities and Wickedness

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Hurricane Katrina reminds me of a post I wrote last year partly regarding Hurricane Jeanne.

In one person’s “testimony”, he made mention that God’s hand is evident in the recent barrage of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. He made particular reference to Hurricane Jeanne and God’s hand guiding it wherever it goes.

My response was as follows:

Naturally, I have a problem with this thought. I have a problem believing that God directed a hurricane to the poorest countries in the western hemisphere in order that one and a half thousand people would be killed. What horrendous sins could these 1,500 men, women and children committed that would warrant God sending a relentless hurricane to a country already reeling from thousands killed this spring in massive floods and February in civil war.

I’ve been thinking about this concept; the idea that God punishes the wicked with natural disasters. It seems that many ancient prophets foretold of a future time where people would be more wicked and there would be more calamities.

I have a thought though. What if all these calamities are not a direct result of our wickedness?

Presumably, God can see all things past, present and future. One can assume then thousands of years ago, he knew that a day would come where the earth would be plagued by earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and the like. He also knew that the inhabitants of the earth would be more base and more willing to turn their backs on Him.

Perhaps, however, He told the prophets of these calamities not because he Was going to use them to punish us, but to use them as a sign. Perhaps all these calamities are not divinely created or guided. Perhaps they are all natural. Perhaps he saw them happening and told the prophets about them so that we, in the future, could use them as an indication that we need to be more righteous.

13 thoughts on “Calamities and Wickedness

  1. If gods are punishing us based on our wickedness, I’d say they need to recalibrate the Wicked-O-Meter.

    There are entirely too many disasters happening in the far east and not nearly enough happening in Ottawa.


  2. I’ve often thought that the increased rate of calamities foretold in prophecies may have more to do with our increased ability to communicate rather than divine intervention. If it weren’t for global or even regional news coverage, my interaction with natural disasters would be quite minimal. I don’t think I’ve personally experienced anything more intense than a hailstorm.

    Of course, I’m sure there’s someone out there who has shown that hurricanes and earthquakes and what not are happening now more than ever…

  3. Of course, I’m sure there’s someone out there who has shown that hurricanes and earthquakes and what not are happening now more than ever…

    Yep. None other than Elder Oaks in a recent GC. It’s very rare these days that one hears an apostle appeal to falsifiable evidence, but Elder Oaks went out on a limb.

  4. well living on the west coast on top (sort of) of not one but two faults we certainly know AND feel the rate of incresed earthquakes here are multiplying a hundredfold compared to what they were even 10 years ago. IT has nothing to do with communications or technology when they wake you up in the middle of the night.

    I agree with the comments that the Lord knew what was coming up and tried to warn us. For the most part we do listen to counsel given to us but there are many many areas that we still do not. Does that make us wicked compared to say someone who murders someone else? Obviously not.. but the Lord does not give us degrees of wickedness he just says the wicked will pay. So is that a lot wicked that will pay or just the little wicked will pay or all that are not perfect cause after all that must mean we are wicked as well????

  5. “living on the west coast on top (sort of) of not one but two faults”

    Technically, Vancouver isn’t on any faults. All the faults bordering the North American Plate are west of Vancovuer Island.

  6. that’s why I said sort of :)

    Being in between Seattle and Vancouver Island we get the best of both the faults.. the Juan de Fuca and the Cascade one

  7. they are NEAR the faults I never said they were ON the faults and the North American plate is also called Cascadia depending on which govermental department you are speaking with

    I have no idea how you do links here so I just cut and pasted the link that shows how we are “sitting” above where both plates/faults are butting heads

  8. You might be thinking of the “Cascadia Subduction Zone”, the point where the North American Plate meets the Juan de Fuca plate.

    They are only near the faults if you consider 100-200 km to be near.

  9. Well, GOD’s judgement or not… Has anyone ever thought that maybe the Government, using a technology called HAARP may be behind these calamities or at least some of them? As many of you can see, our rights are quickly disappearing in the good ole’ U.S. of America. I believe people should start looking a little deeper than thinking that we are in END TIMES! The only END TIMES I see, is the END TIMES of our civil liberties! We are losing are rights, faster than ever and it seems that no one in America, gives a hoot!! or is even noticing! I have personally questioned everything from 9-11 on forward to even …yes, hurricane Katrina! With all the devastation of prior storms even very , very bad ones, I have never heard any of them to have had Martial Law Declared!! Are they testing us out? Preparing us for worse things to come? It seems the answer to me is “yes”. I am reading a wonderful book right now called: “Economic Disorder”, by Larry Bates an ex-banker and former member of the House of Representatives, where he chaired the Committee on Banking & Commerce. He saw much unjustice while in his position, and also saw the ushing in of the NWO (New World Order) which our president and his father has mentions countless times in their speaks. He warns of the coming time, (very soon), that we will be a cashless society, doing everything electronically. This way , they can watch our every move and be able to control us. Everything now is being set up & (very rapidly) with the purpose of our downfall, and again, Americans are asleep! I highly recommend this book! Its sells on Amazon for a descent price. I found it to be an eye opener! The ISBN is 0-88419-383-7 I am also leaving a site for those of you interested in reading more about HAARP. here’s a coupleto get you started for more put the word Haarp into your search engine, I recommend Google.
    Both are very interesting!!

    Popular Mechanics explains how theywill use HAARP to fight wars, using weather as a weapon!! Happy Reading!! Please help others to think outside of the box! Pass this on!

  10. Anonymous,

    I want to thank you for posting the site This is the best site one can inform oneself. Also Radio Aaron I encourage people to listen to it and read what Aaron has to say especially about praying, to whom are you praying to? Aaron and his sister are two younger people with much knowledge and understanding and one can benefit from the two. I would like to share a site in french from Quebec it is from the site you can access the english version “listen to your body teachings” lise bourbeau.. The mind is a powerful tool one hust has to know how to use it..
    Thank you for the site…

  11. I am on the East Coast and don’t have any real earthquakes or tremors like you do on the west coast. But you have to come to realize that technology especially the kind they use as to control weather patterns are very fair ahead of what most of us can comprehend. The military plans on using this weather control as a weapon to fight wars. I again can leave a site at the bottom of my blog to prove mt point.

    I also would like to throw out a thought… Does any here think it’s possible that GOD knew of the wicked weapin that will be used to wage mans wars, including the weather control weapon known as HAARP? And wanr his prophets of the coming evil doings using weather to control and confuse and even kill his rightous people? I believe we are living in very dangerous times and they seem to get darker & darker as we go. Looking at the devistation that hurricane Katrina has ushered in to the poorest of poor. Causing them to plead for their lives is a sign to me that greater evils are on the horizon. I believe this is a time of great caution and trials. We can only pray that we will be saved and protected. For those whom survive these calamities times will be still very difficult. We are at then end of an age, turning the corner will not be easlily done.

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