Nicene Creed Challenge

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Ronan brings up over at BCC regarding President Hinckley’s ‘challenge’ this past General Conference for us to read the Nicene Creed. I was going to post my thoughts there, but the conversation has long since gone the way of talking about the mechanics of the creed, and I wanted to bring up a different point unrelated to the text itself.

I invite you to read that definition and compare it with the statement of the boy Joseph.

How many members of the Church took up President Hinckley’s invitation? How many ward and stakes initiated programmes to help their members meet this goal? How many members of the Bloggernacle blogged about it (beside Ronan of course)?

Which is kind of odd when you think of it. The Nicene Creed has three paragraphs; the Book of Mormon has several thousand. Or maybe it’s not that odd after all. Maybe were more like Naaman than we care to admit.

5 thoughts on “Nicene Creed Challenge

  1. will I Be stoned, tarred and feathered if I admit that I have absoultely no idea what the heck the Nicene Creed is? After all you know your day is going downhill when you pop frozen round hamburger patties in your toaster thinking they are round frozen blueberry waffles :(

  2. LOL, I am sorry mum I am not laughing at you. I am just thinking that is exactly what i can imagine myself doing.

    Hey your day will get better. Just take a relaxing day (ok, if you can).

  3. oh thank goodness…I thought I had been snoozing when we took that lesson in SS. But I still have a mess to clean in the toaster :(

    I will be glad to look for Sally come next month.. I got lost somehow in my Nana node this summer

  4. Sally,

    I laughed when I read of your mishap. Why? Because I know how, over a lifetime, if we don’t make mistakes like this, we aren’t living.

    Sorry to threadjack Kim. Actually, until BCC raised the issue, I was totally oblivious to the comment by President Hinckley. (Could be an age thing)
    It had been a long, long time since I had last read it. Over time I mixed it with the Athanasian Creed and imagined it as a document completely different from what it really is.

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