Someone I knew quite well and to whom I felt close has been charged with a serious crime. It came as a big shock and when I heard of it I felt very ill the entire day. This man is a good husband and father. He treats others right. I had always the highest respect for this person.

The experience has caused me to ponder the person behind the criminal. How many of those in the penitential system are good husbands and fathers? How many of them were otherwise charitable and loving and kind? How many others garnered respect of all who knew them?

It is easy for us, as strangers, to look at a reported crime in the paper and agree with the sentence issued knowing that justice was served. It is harder when it is someone you know and a judgement passed on a punishment makes the pangs of the heart even stronger.

Ward Council meetings

Any ideas on how to get ward council meetings to stop going round and round on the same dead topic that keeps getting brought up? Or to stop hearing “we have to do something” in regards to a specific family instead of someone saying I will do this or ok you do this by the next meeting and report back the results etc. What a waste of my time. Our YWP nearly took the ward mission leader’s head off as 2 of her new converts (1 baptized a year ago and the other one about 6 months ago) still have not had new member discussions yet and he kept going on about well I have to ask so and so if they can do it and then maybe they should have females doing it and I have to ask around and she just flipped and said you have been saying that for the 3 meetings I have been at when are you actually going to just do it?

Does anyone have different ward councils that are actually productive?


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Inappropriate dress for teachers

So what would you do in the situation that you had called a young female to work in your auxiliary and she shows up for Sunday meetings and weekday meetings in inappropriate clothing such as a see through black top that you can honestly see your belly button through her shirt and jeans that low. Or wearing a tank top to teach her class.

This female is only a member for 1 year. She is 18 and her parents are not members although her 16 year old sister was recently baptized earlier this year. She wears skirts etc to church. Do you speak to her and hope you don’t offend her and hope that she doesn’t get humiliated or think the ward is talking about her behind her back? Do you have the RS President put a bug in her ear from her visiting teachers of course that is providing she even has visiting teachers. Do you just leave her alone and hopefully she will notice she is the only one wearing pants to church in the auxiliary and skinny tops so starts changing her wardrobe?

What if to her, this is her best clothing to wear? After all we technically do not have a dress code per se at church just dress your best (although I still have an issuse with only wearing white shirts for men but we won’t touch THAT line again).

What to do what to do.


I have heard the Mormon view of heaven described as degrees, glories, kingdoms and worlds. D&C 76 describes terrestrial and telestial worlds. D&C 131:1 talks about degrees, but only in the celestial sphere. And so on.

So I am left to wonder whether the celestial, terrestrial and telestial spheres are actual worlds (or inhabitable planets). They could be, on the other hand, different levels (degrees) of existence on the same planet. I am not sure either one makes more sense.

Separate planets would make sense if we were able to interpret the spheres as being actual separation from each other. On the other hand, I can’t wrap my hand around all these spirits floating through space as they go to their new homes.

A less literal separation would also make sense?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùespecially if the new “heaven” was established here on our earth?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùsince it would be easier for us to get there. On the other hand, that could imply the possibility of progressing between the different degrees.

So even though we tend to use the above terms interchangeably, is there one term that is more literal than the others? Is ‘world’ more accurate than ‘glory’? Is ‘kingdom’ more accurate than ‘world’?