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My birthday present was ringer T-shirt from my store.

Kim in a t-shirt, which has a picture of a hot pepper.

I think my children (6 and 4) were more excited about me opening it than I was. Now they think (since we bought a shirt for the baby a few weeks ago) that they should get some and that Mary should as well. A hot pepper family. Cute.

In a birthday present to everyone else, I’ve removed all markup from the ringer T-shirt. If you want one, you can get it at cost for the next week or two (until I feel like cancelling the offer). It comes with an orange collar and sleeve cuffs, or you can get blue or black as well.

Oh, and feel free to buy one of the more than 30 other items available. Just so I get a buck or two.

And maybe, just maybe, if I ever get enough, I’ll actually spring and buy a domain for Our Thoughts. If I can ever get the Scottish side of me asleep long enough.

7 thoughts on “Shirt

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Kim…dear…Happy days will come to you all year…If I had a wish…that wish would be…that you would send a hotpepper shirt to me for free…:)

  2. well I added my two bits worth in your store…. can’t wait to get my new chili pepper track suit and of course had to get a t-shirt for dad :) Of course he wants to know why it was I bought something for us on YOUR birthday lol

  3. Not only will I get a chili pepper T-shirt, I will wish you a happy belated birthday. I’m not near as eloquent as Nikki, so I can’t try to get one for free.

    By the by, am I noticing a little budding buddha, or is it just the way the sun shines in Lethbridge.

  4. Not budding, Larry. It blossomed back in the 20th century when I was on my mission. Been flowering ever since (the three months in 1999 when I lost 45 lbs for no apparent reason notwithstanding).

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