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There’s been a lot of talk of Katrina in the Bloggernacle this week, even here (also here and here). There’s been enough commonality among the posts that I’ve often seen the same question asked: should we donate to a Katrina-specific cause or keep paying fast offerings?

The same thought keeps popping in my head each time the question comes up, so I thought I better post the though here before I forget.

My initial response is, “why should it matter”. The Church will use fast offering monies to fund any relief efforts they initiate, so in directly or indirectly, they’ll use your money. But more importantly, should we be removing our beneficence from one person and giving it to another? Is one family devastated by Katrina’s wrath worse off (or more deserving) than some other family who would receive assistance of some sort from fast offering funds? Is it right of us to rank those in need? Is it more important to help one family in Louisiana who needs 10,000$ than 100 families who need 100$?

I’m not sure I’m ready to do that.

4 thoughts on “Deserving

  1. In Sacrament meeting this week our Bishop mentioned that anyone wanting to donate were just to write Hurricane under “OTHER” on their tithing slips. He said it was not mandatory that all do this. HE also said that by doing it this way it kept the fast offerings in the ward and the extra went to the hurricane relief efforts. I don’t think the church leaders are ever going to let anyone go needy locally because funds were used internationally.

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