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Our little family has a contest going to see who gets the closest to when the baby’s born. I put together a DHTML script that updates automatically showing how many days left till everyone’s guess date.

Probably a little to the left on the cool scale, but on the scale nonetheless.

Oh, and shortly after the baby is born, the contest is gone. FYI.

5 thoughts on “Guess

  1. so can anyone join in? Cause we normally do a family baby pool with everyone else… is that ok to still do?

  2. Mum

    Yes, please do the family pool! But you’s better start quick…this baby COULD (not saying it will, but with my birthing history you never know) come early…

  3. I don’t see any reason why the family baby pool still can’t happen. I just assumed because there wasn’t a family pool with Regan, there probably wouldn’t be one with this baby.

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