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I must say way too many prayers.

I just finished saying a payer over my dinner, and then my office phone rang. I picked it up and said, “Dear Eternal Fath…[pause]”.

8 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. That’s the best.

    Not quite as funny, but at work one day, I picked up the phone and said, “Hi, can I take your order please?”

  2. One time I was leaving a message at work and instead of saying “We thank you for your interest…” I said “We thank thee…um, for your interest….” and then I laughed and hung up the phone.

  3. I say “thank you for calling Verizon” when I pick up the phone at home.

    I have to be really careful about reading scriptures on my breaks though — trying to troubleshoot DSL in a quasi-Shakespearean mode just doesn’t work well. Especially if a “for behold…” slips out.

  4. I’m so used to the habitual “I love you” at the end of a phone conversation with my wife that it has (at least once) accidentally spilled out at the end of phone conversation with a business client. As you can imagine, I straightened that out as fast as I could.

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