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So, we’re planning next month’s elders quorum social and we have two ideas. So I am posting two polls to see what the public thinks.

First, the two ideas are either home made ice cream or chips and dips. For the ice cream, those who attend the social would all help make the ice cream and then we would all eat it. With the chips and dips, everyone brings their favourite dip (salsa, hummus, ranch dressing, whatever) and the presidency provides stuff to dip (tortilla chips, ribbed chips, pita, veggies, etc).

Second, now that the most important part is out of the way, would you rather have a get-to-know-you activity, or just chat while you eat?

The success of our second social depends on your votes.

5 thoughts on “Social

  1. I’m typically a savory guy, however, for this I vote for the icecream. That allows the people to have a reason to sit and chat (the icecream is churning). That way you don’t have to go for the activity…and if you have any hand churning going on, it could be a test of strength.

    I just got news from the Bishop that we need to have a menrichment per quarter (the first being a success).

  2. I’ll always get grossed out by dips in social settings. Too much re-dipping going on… You know – people grab a carrot stick, put it in the dip, take a bite, put it BACK IN THE DIP, take another bite, etc. Ick…

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